Chairman of Springfield City Group honoured with global award.

Maha Sinnathamby AM, the Chairman of Springfield City Group, has been recognized in global corporate leadership awards for his vision that has produced Australia’s fastest-growing city.

The CEO Monthly’s annual Chairperson awards feature recipients from various countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Scotland, Canada, and the United States, and Mr Sinnathamby was named Property Founder & Visionary Chairman of the Year among 12 Chairs recognized in the awards. The awards acknowledge the changing roles of Chairs, taking into account factors such as climate and diversity commitments, equity, and inclusivity in modern businesses.

CEO Monthly applauded the achievement of Greater Springfield, Australia’s first master-planned city since Canberra, over 30 years and noted that Mr Sinnathamby and his Springfield City Group team had established themselves as trailblazers by undertaking innovative actions that have not been done before. Mr Sinnathamby said that the award was a team effort for decades and that he was honoured to receive it, given the international contenders.

The city now includes 53,000 residents utilizing schools, tertiary education, hospital and health services, and innovative businesses in its booming Knowledge Precinct, with 65% left to be developed. Mr Sinnathamby said that the fundamentals were in place, and the city looked forward to the future with open arms.